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Most cemeteries have an attendant and can be visited between 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Jewish cemeteries on the Pest side of Budapest

1. Dohany utca Jewish Cemetery
(mass graves from World War II)
Address: VIIth district Budapest, Dohany u. 2
Phone: 342-2353

2. Kerepesi ut Jewish Cemetery (Neolog)

  • Address: Budapest, VIIIth district. Salgotarjani ut.
  • Phone: 314-1269
  • Attendant: Borbála Baros

The cemetery was founded in 1874. It is eternal home to many representatives of the pre-war banking and industrial aristocracy, as well as to outstanding personalities of the contemporary cultural life of Budapest.

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3. Rakoskeresztur (Kozma utca) Jewish Cemetery (Neolog)

  • Address: Xth district Budapest, Kozma utca 6.
  • Phone: 262-4687, 265-2458

This Jewish cemetery is the largest of its kind in Hungary. It was opened in 1893, next to the New Public Cemetery (Uj koztemeto). The memorial to the 600 000 Hungarian victims of the Holocaust is located in this cemetery.
The graves, mausoleums and shrines are excellent imprints of the Jewish culture and the Hungarian Secession (Art Nouveau), the architecture of the turn of the XIXth, XXth century. The most well-known shrine is the Schmidl tomb, made for the family of Sandor Schmidl in 1903. Two famous architects of the time, Bela Lajta and Odon Lechner designed this beautiful tomb using Zsolnay ceramics.

4. Granatos utca Jewish Cemetery (Orthodox)

  • Address: Xth district Budapest, Granatos u. 12.
  • Phone: 351-0524

Jewish cemeteries on the Buda side of Budapest

1. Obuda Jewish Cemetery (Neolog)

  • Address: IIIrd district Budapest, Kulso Becsi ut. 369.
  • Phone: 250-6060

This Jewish cemetery was established in 1922. The deceased from the earlier Obuda cemeteries (no longer in use) were reburied here.

2. Farkasret Jewish Cemetery (Neolog)

  • Address: XIIth district Budapest, Erdi út 9.
  • Phone: 249-2671
  • Attendant: Ferenc Egyed
  • Cost of maintenance can be payed in the office on the spot.
  • Open: 8a.m. - 4p.m., during the winter 8a.m. - 3p.m., Saturday and on Jewish Holidays closed.

Rabbis and cantors who worked in Buda are burried here.

3. Old Jewish Cemetery (Orthodox)

  • Address: XIIth district Budapest Csorsz u. (Regi temeto)
  • Phone: 351-0524

This cemetery is not used since 1961. Visits have to be pre-arranged at the Orthodox community.


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