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Heroes' Memorial Temple

Thoughts about the photos...

1. The synagogue on the first photo is viewed from the Wesselenyi street, on the left the corner of the Goldmark Hall and in the background the tower of the Dohany synagogue can be seen.
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History of the Heroes' Memorial Temple

The Synagogue

The newest synagogue built in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest by László Vágó and Ferenc Faragó in 1931, when the complex of the Dohány synagogue was enlarged and the Jewish Museum was built. It commemorates the Jewish soldiers who fought in the ranks of the Hungarian army in World War I. This small prayer house bears traits of ancient Babylonian style, however radiates modernity with its white walls.

History of the Hungarian Jewish Museum

The Museum

At Dohany utca 2. there used to be a two-story Classicist style house right next to the synagogue. Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the founder of Zionism was born and raised there. The Jewish Museum was constructed on the plot where the house used to stand, adjoining the Dohany synagogue. The little square in front of the Dohany complex bears the name of Herzl. The Jewish Museum constructed between 1930-1931 has a very rich collection of religious relics of the Pest Hevrah Kaddishah, ritual objects of the Sabbath and the High Holidays, a Holocaust room, a historical exhibition and houses temporary exhibitions as well (some of the many: Chagall, Soutine, Modigliani etc.).

Getting there

Address: 1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 2., behind the Dohány Synagogue complex, entrance from Wesselényi utca 5.
- take subway M1 (yellow) / M2 (red) / M3 (blue) to Deák tér station, then walk on Károly körút towards Astoria.
- take subway M2, tram 47, 49 or bus 7, 78 to Astoria station, then walk on Károly körút towards Deák tér.

Opening hours

During the winter when the Great synagogue is not heated, the services are held here. It can accommodate 250 people. Not open for regular visits.

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