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Drawings of Tamás Köves
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Tamás Köves

The gifted self-taught artist was born in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, in 1973. He is best known for his pengraphics. His graphics were presented to the public for the first time in 2003. The postcards made from his drawings had reached each part of the world since then, and the artist considers his popularity is due to them.

'The source I draw from wells up from the different layers of the soul.'

Klezmer on the wall

Jewish…Only one word…Still sounds odd. In most cases I had heard it only whispered, occasionally yelled. It was natural only when we were among ourselves. The time in which and the place at where I grew up it always sounded strange from people, it was not polite to use it. At the dawn of my adolescence (at the age of 8) it was stirring to find it out that I was Jewish. At that time I wasn't sure whether this was a cursing or what. I was filled with fatefulness, I tried to understand what it really meant to be Jewish. From books, music, tastes, dance, people I've found in myself what connects me with this mystic word. The taste of Solet, my grandparents' eyes, the candlelight of the holidays…dance within me like the Hassids do in the movies…dance on Klezmer music. Where sorrow and joy meet, where sanctity and ironic humour tolerate, even spice one another, there were my drawings born. I'd like to break walls with them…the walls of whispering and yelling.
With my caricatures on Jewish theme I'd like to transmit moods, feelings in which I believe everyone can place themselves upon one's responsiveness and ability.
In this characteristic forming of characters I wanted to condense and make emblematic, essential an awareness of life in a way that it could come to life in other people as well. And if anyone Jewish or not can receive this inner world then I have reached my objective in a fight against prejudice, stereotypes, racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of hate.
P.S.: The earth can bear all world views, religions, cultures and all the people, but can not bear the hatred.

Dynamics of the soul

Each movement you make first marches through your soul. As if it would be arriving back from your future. There is an invisible part of being in people that exists in continuous dynamics. It moves in motionlessness too. The movement of the body steps out from it too, and when we try to rule over it and keep it back we can feel it stretching us from the inside. I sometimes have the presentiment that certain emotions arrive to me from this world of the transcendence, if my attention and consciousness are directed towards it, I can even observe them. This is the dynamics of the soul that I'm trying to translate into the language of the drawings in my own particular way of expressing myself.

Zoo within me

This is the field where I dare to show the animal that lies in me.


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